Zero Waste

We are very passionate about working towards a zero-waste lifestyle. At Ground Up Cookery we believe that it is not possible or at least extremely difficult for people to lead a completely zero-waste life but we do our best to get as close as possible. 

We have a large family and endeavour to make everything from scratch, in fact we have found that this often even saves us money!!

As a business we ask people to return their jars to Oinkers at Drakes Farm Shop, (Higher Fingle Farm, EX6 6NP) in exchange for a 5p jar deposit. Where possible our packaging can be reused or recycled and even composted.

As anyone else on this “journey” will know, it is a minefield once you start getting serious. If any of our customers have any constructive/researched suggestions on how we can do even better, we’d really love you to get in touch. Unfortunately we do ask you to remember that we are a business and not a charity so all solutions need to be cost effective!